Who are we?
The bilingual Kopaliński High School is the only high school in our region that offers an English medium education. This means that some subjects (e.g. maths, history, biology and geography) are taught in both Polish and English. In this way, English is present in most lessons taught at our school.

Why Kopaliński? 
A school where everyone knows each other… A school often visited by its graduates… A school where the best teachers have been working for years… A school of olympiad winners… A school that fosters empathy and tolerance… – this is how students describe the Kopaliński Bilingual Schools. Back in September 2003, when classes were first starting in our historic building on Legionów street, no other school in either Bielsko-Biała or the surrounding towns offered bilingual education.

The sun – the sole source of light and warmth – was worshipped by tribes and peoples from all over the world. The Babylonians praised Shamash, the Egyptians – Ra and Horus, and the Aztecs – Huitzilopochtli. Our logo portrays the Greek solar deity, Helios. As it did in the past, the sun still symbolises infinity, new beginnings, vitality, youth, truth, enlightenment, justice, wisdom, intelligence, free will, happiness, success, and hope.

Władysław Kopaliński, or rather Jan Stefczyk, was born in 1907. He is the author of Dictionary of Symbols, Dictionary of Words and Phrases of Foreign Origin, Dictionary of Myths of and Cultural Traditions, Lexicon of Love Themes and many other valuable works. He enjoyed surrounding himself with an aura of mystery, and that is perhaps why he used a pseudonym. The Kopaliński surname that served this purpose belonged to a teacher who had instilled in him a love for literature.

As part of student exchange programs, annual trips abroad have become a tradition at Kopaliński. The unflagging popularity of those visits is unsurprising, given that the students who have tried it once are more than happy to revisit the places they’ve already seen.